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Anonymously tell me your assumptions about me and I’ll confirm or deny them.

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I don’t understand why people make extremely passive-agressive posts with emoji and prefacing it with FRIENDLY REMINDER

Just freaking say it. There’s no point in dressing up your statement if you’re going to be completely transparent about it.

Especially if your friendly reminder includes calling the target scum of the earth or similar phrases. Stating an opinion and insulting someone for having a differing opinion are two entirely different things.

This has not been friendly nor a reminder; This is a statement of opinion and am open to discussion.

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This was overdue- Part 4 of tweets from the parody Ryuko twitter! +1 from a really great parody Senketsu
Part 3

That last one hurt *clutches chest and cries*

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you’re stuck living with your icon for a month have fun

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Ay yo, what's cookin good lookin?

Only the very best food for my very best guest.


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You have permission to flirt with me anonymously. Starting now.





I got one ;-;

Please? This looks fun

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This is the best thing I have ever seen.

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An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

Plot twist: the asexual is really super outgoing and is a huge flirt while the pansexual is extremely socially awkward and has trouble ordering coffee let alone getting a date.


my hand slipped

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and then these! sakuracon!!!

oops stuck on wrong blog!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one: 5 narcissistic psychopaths board a train…

(I know they’re not all exactly that, but you get the point.)

L-R: Freddie, Gideon, Hanni, Brown, Chilton.

Edit of this XKCD panel. Done in MSPaint.

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Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.







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And there was a caterpillar smoking a bong but w/e

it was a hookah actually but w/e


And Alice in wonderland was based off her opiate trips her uncle forced her to take. And he wrote down her stories and experiences and made it into a book.

You ever find a post that’s so wrong your eyes roll out of your skull? Let’s begin:

First off, most of what it says about the Mad Hatter is true. Hatmakers in the 19th century were exposed to mercuric nitrate vapors when felting animal furs to make their hats, which resulted in severe health problems. These issues included tremors, emotional instability, and physical weakness. However, by most historian’s accounts, the Mad Hatter was based mainly on Theophilus Carter, a furniture salesman whose odd affectations Carroll was well acquainted with.

The Cheshire Cat's section is where this gets maddening(pardon the pun). First off, Toxoplasma gondii and the disease it causes, Toxoplasmosis were fully unknown at the time Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. T. gondii wasn’t discovered until 1908, 43 years after the book was written. The side effects of T. gondii were absolutely never considered ‘harmless’, the first confirmed case of a T. gondii infection in a human being left the dead with lesions on her eyes and brain. T.gondii can be linked to schizophrenia and suicide, but causal evidence is severely lacking. And for the love of god, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder are NOT THE SAME THING.

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome is actually a real thing. It’s experienced mainly by migraine sufferers or people who have ingested hallucinogenics such as the Fly Agaric mushroom or LSD. Considering that the mushroom Alice ingested in Alice in Wonderland was not a Fly Agaric, and LSD wasn’t synthesized until 1938, AND that Lewis Carroll suffered from chronic migraines(in his diary he mentions the visual effects he commonly experienced), we can deduce that Carroll used his own experiences as inspiration for Alice’s constant size fluctuations. Again, this has nothing at all to do with schizophrenia.

The hallucinogenic properties of mushrooms have been known for centuries, any culture found in the same place as psychotropic mushrooms will have a history with them. Unfortunately, the Fly Agaric mushroom is the one that can cause AIWS, and again, it was not featured in the book. Furthermore, Fly Agaric was very rarely used recreationally by anyone, due to the wildly unpredictable nature of its effects. There is little evidence that Psilocybin mushrooms were used recreationally in any significant amount during Carroll time, though the hallucinogenic and spiritual effects would likely be well known by him.

It’s a lot of fun for dumb stoners to read all this drug shit into the story(I should know, I am one), especially since it was written in the Victorian era where basically everyone was off their tits on something or other. That being said, the comment directly above mine is complete bullshit. Lewis Carroll was not Alice Liddell’s uncle. Alice Liddell, the girl for whom the story was written, was not ‘forced to take opiates’ in order to write the books. It’s possible that Liddell did take opiates, as morphine and heroin were popular children’s medications at the time, but she was most certainly not forced into a drug-induced state in order to write a book. Jesus fucking Christ, where did they get that from?

Look, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are very odd, very surreal books, but the links to drug use and mental illness are tenuous at best. I mean, the book was written as a gift to a 10 year old girl. Why the hell would anyone, especially in the incredibly uptight era of the Victorians, write a little girl a story about drug binging and psychosis?

The reason this gets to me is that the books do have hidden meanings. Carroll was an avid mathematician and there are many references to mathematical concepts hidden within the story. The books are also an interesting satire of the Victorian era with many allusions to the politics of the day. Interpretations of the story like those seen in the images above just spread harmful and incorrect information about drugs and mental illness.

anybody who tries to claim to me that Alice In Wonderland is just one giant allegory for drugs and mental illness will get slapped in the damn mouth

reblogged for the smack down

Fun fact to add on here: The Reverend Lewis Dodgson, who wrote under the nom-de-plum of Lewis Carrol, was actually a math professor. The original story of “Through the Looking Glass and what Alice Found There” was written for a sickly little girl named Alice Liddel, youngest daughter of the Liddel family the Rev. Dodgson ate dinner with every Saturday because he was good friends from university with Mr. Liddel. One day while Alice was feeling well enough for an afternoon picnic to a local park, Rev. Dodgson happened to tag along. He sat with Alice and listened to her talk about how fascinating she found simple things like caterpillars, butterflies, flowers, cats, etc. This pained Rev. Dodgson to think this great imagination was contained in this poor frail form. So Rev. Dodgson wrote a fantastic story Alice. Mr. Liddel suggested he revise the story and send it to a publisher.Rev. Dodgson took the advice and touched up the work then sent it off to a publisher. It was a hit and they wanted more, which is where he was forced to write “Alice In Wonderland”. Though inspired to write “Through The Looking Glass” Rev. Dodgson had less inspiration for “Alice In Wonderland” so he turned to his other great passion in life. Math. All of these supposed drug references are actually combinations of an innocent young girl’s wish to experience the normal world, let alone one quite so fantastic as Wonderland and a series of math puzzles with a subtextual allegory for religion and criticism of society, NOT DRUGS!

The reason certain passages appear indented and in strange patterns is meant to convey a series of equations involving the letter spacing of each line and the syllables involved. The poem Jabberwocky appears first backward and then is read forward to represent a palindrome (and if my memory serves correctly the answer is 47 or 53). Not representing tripping balls.

The character of the Cheshire Cat appears as a subtextual allegory for God. The Cat appears on a whim, in many different forms, speaks in cryptic creeds, and has a definite sense of omniscience. Also, as The Cat appears in the end of the story in defiance of the Red Queen he shows that he is above the laws of man and can change the course of life in Wonderland as he wishes. This is Rev. Dodgson exorcising his own crisis of faith on the topic of “Why would God do this to this girl?” To which he came to the eventual revelation that “The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways” and that had Alice Liddel not had such a profound appreciation for the mundane she would not have of had such a vivid imagination and never inspired Rev. Dodgson as she did. Alternatively, the Jabberwocky is the representation of the evils of society, often paralleled with the enigmatic figure of “Satan” in the bible. Which is why the accompanying picture that shows the yckowrebbaJ (Jabberwocky) has Alice slaying the beast, and not the Knight of the story clearly described as a male. Alice fought Rev. Dodgson’s perception of evil and wicked and triumphed with the radiance of simply and defiantly existing.

Lastly, the character of the Mad Hatter. Yes, “mad as a hatter” and mercury poisoning. That bit is true. The Caterpillar, The Dormouse, The March Hare, The Red Queen, The White Queen, The White King, The Lamb in the Boat, The Dodo Bird, The White Rabbit, and almost every other character that has any interaction with Alice is an allegory for society at the time. Mad Hatter is an incessant bore who drivels on about nothing, accompanied by: The March Hare (freebie: “Mad as a March Hare” was a popular slang term in Victorian society) who is equally boring and nonsensical; and The Dormouse who is a narcoleptic tag-along. The trio and their never ending tea party was an indictment of common “well-to-do” society being full of these boring characters who drone endlessly about things they feel no real passion for, yet express such emotion, much like a madman. The Red Queen IS QUEEN FUCKING VICTORIA YOU CUNTS GOOGLE THAT SHIT SHE LOOKS THE FUCKING SAME! The White Queen and King are used to represent the retiring of the old British ways in favor of Victorian Era changes. The old simply sat down and let the new come in, no true evolution or development, merely a replacement. The Caterpillar smokes constantly from a hookah and speaks in slow cautious tones, as well as exhibiting xenophobic qualities; an allegory for British import/export society. At this time xenophobic tensions had heightened in the UK and even so far as begrudging a Welsh/Scot/Irish citizen in England and regarding with a suspicious tone. The Lamb in the Boat is the part of society that retired with the old ways, just going along for the ride and being rather blithe about the process. The Dodo Bird represents the military society: big puffed chests but not much service to truly speak of. 

I did a fucking dissertation on the collected works of Lewis Carrol for fucking shiggles as part of my Collegiate career, don’t give me this fucking half-assed hap-hazard drivel. Be on my fucking level.

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Pokémon Crossing by luce-do-the-doodles

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Happy 4/13!

I’m a RAGGED KNAVE! What are you?

Ragged Castaway

what the hell

aimless renegade

i’m actually a homestuck character you guys, you caught me

Meandering Pilgrim

Meandering Rogue.

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